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THANK YOU ALL for participating in this year’s ID Junior Review!




ID students participate in this review at the end of the first semester of their junior year, roughly halfway through their College sequence. Students at this level have wrapped all their entry and advanced sketching classes and have been exposed to at least a full semester of 3D CAD & rendering entry level classes. They have been asked to showcase 3 full projects, the best of their sketch and CAD skills, and a minimum of one model physical model that can be presented as a prop or included in their presentations.


Captain/Faculty panel Lead:

● Keep time for both student presentations and the panelist segments. We are very tight on time with these sessions and need to keep schedule.


● Log notes and complete our Junior Review Score Sheet for your respective panel.


● Coordinate with Program Manager with any issues/complications during the presentations (Missing students, missing panelists, tech issues etc.).


● Be on our short list for any as needed rescheduled reviews later.


As a panel – (captain, CCA faculty, professional guests):

● Assess the overall work to date, focusing on the design process and skills accumulated as well as efforts remaining in moving forward.


● Question the student’s embryonic “Design Voice”, potentially addressing passion or strengths for a specific area of design, but also implications in term of focused learning moving forward. This is not a time to give overly specific feedback on projects themselves, but more so to question a student's design process and missing skills, so that they can move on with a clear picture of areas to be reinforced.

Review Schedule

● Take a minute to introduce yourself to the student


● 15 minutes for the student to present


● 15 minutes for a conversation/feedback with the panel


● Send the student away!


● 10 minutes for the panel (ONLY) to discuss the evaluation, agree on comments and fill up the form (one form per panel). If unsure of the final grade, feel free to write down a range. From the student’s perspective, notes and comments are the most important aspect of the review!

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  • Conceptual Ability: Originality, clarity of concept, ability to generate a wide range of concepts.

  • Drawing skills: Sketching skills are well developed and the student is able to communicate an idea through drawing. INCLUDE PROCESS PROGRESSIVE SKETCHES.

  • CAD/Rendering Skills: The student has good CAD/Rendering Skills and uses the computer to enhance the design.

  • Form: Has a deep understanding of form development and integrates the form into the design function.

  • Model-making Skills: Proficiency in the skills of model making and shows craft excellence.

  • Presentation: Work was well organized and presented professionally.

Junior Review Grading Scale


100% - A+

95%  - A

90%  - A-


89%  - B+

85%  - B

80%  - B-


79%  - C+

75%  - C

70%  - C-


69%  - D+

65%  - D

60%  - D-


50%  - F

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